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This way to the tasting room

"The next Napa Valley." That's the buzz about Paso Robles wineries. That's how excited people are about Paso Robles wines.

What has them so excited? The sheer quality of the wines ...

... wines of so many types. Cabernets. Zinfandels. Syrahs. Chardonnays. Viognier. Pinot noir. Nebbiolo. Sangiovese. Not to mention tannat and picpoul blanc ...

... literally, wines from Aglianico to Zinfandel.

And it's all so new. That's also part of the excitement.

Syrah vines, Tablas Creek Vineyard
Syrah vines -- Tablas Creek Vineyard

As recently as 1990, there were only twenty Paso Robles wineries. Now, more than 170 wineries dot the Paso Robles countryside.

Paso Robles is the fastest-growing wine region in California. In terms of vineyard acreage, it's now the third largest in the state.

And yet, it seems only yesterday that there was no Paso Robles wine country. That makes the quality of Paso wine all the more attention-grabbing.

Produced from vines where wild oats grew twenty or so years ago, Paso Robles wineries are winning awards, wowing critics, and raising the eyebrows of those who, just before that first taste, may have said "Paso who?"

The Paso wine country experience

Paso Robles wineries open for tasting are scattered throughout the countryside surrounding Paso Robles ... from the hills, ridges and canyons west of town to the rolling uplands to the east, and from San Miguel in the north to the oak woodlands around Templeton to the south.

You’ll even find a few along the coast.

With all those wineries across all that countryside, you might be wondering, “Where do I start?”

At Clautiere Vineyard
At Clautiere Vineyard
If you’re a first-time, never-been-here-before visitor, Highway 46 is a good introduction. Highway 46 crosses Paso Robles wine country from east to west. You’ll find a concentration of boutique wineries west of town, and a choice of large and small wineries to the east.

Or enjoy a wine-tasting stroll Downtown. You can choose among twelve winery tasting rooms and two wine bars, most within four blocks of each other.

Beyond Highway 46 and Downtown you’ll find wineries tucked in oak-shaded canyons, crowning vine-covered hillsides, or hidden on side roads off back roads.

And this is the true delight of Paso Robles wine country ...

... its spontaneity and surprise.

On Vineyard Drive
On Vineyard Drive

A drive to an out-of-the-way winery may take you through a stream canyon scented with sage ... or a canopy of oaks shading a back road ... or to a commanding hilltop view.

A chance spur-of-the-moment turn on a side road may well lead you to a boutique winery with wines to remember.

And with so many wineries, big, small and tiny ... with so many winemakers pursuing their vision ... with so many quality wines made from so many varieties of grapes ...

... you never know what interesting wines await you in the Paso Robles wineries beyond the next bend in the road.
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Discover syrah, viognier, grenache, and roussanne at Clautiere Vineyard, an avant garde winery on a Paso Robles back road.

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